In this lockdown period, we all had to attend an online meeting, or if I talk about
college/school going students, they had to participate in classes. But imagine while you were attending it, your mic stopped working, or you cannot hear what the other person is saying.
This particular problem can be described as “Mic Sensitivity,” and in this step by step guide, I will tell you how to fix mic sensitivity in Windows 10.

There are probably two reasons for this those are either a slow internet connection or a lower sensitivity setting for your microphone. And if you are sure that your internet connection is pretty stable, then you must be wondering that how to solve this issue.
Don’t worry; you are in the right place. Here I am going to show you how to fix microphone sensitivity in Windows 10.

How to fix mic sensitivity in Windows 10

There are many reasons for the Microphone’s Sensitivity. Like- if the voice is breaking in between again and again, then there might be some kind of  dirt in the microphone, or there is a problem with the port. Similarly, if the voice that you are hearing is really low as compared to normal or the frequency of the mic is changing again and again, then you may have to adjust the microphone sensitivity.
There are the following steps that you need to follow. Steps are as follows:

Step1: Adjust Sound Settings in Windows 10

Before you do anything, I would suggest you check your microphone on the Sound (volume setting) tab. 

Firstly let’s try the easy procedure if you are doing a video call with a friend/ relative and say that they cannot hear your voice or it is cracking in between. Then it would be best if you increased or decrease the microphone sensitivity. 

Below are the steps to do so-

  • Go to Start Menu.
  • Type “Sound” on the search bar and click on “Sound”  or go to control panel and click on “Sound” under the control panel tab. According to your theme, you might see Sound with a volume icon behind it. There is one shortcut way to open sound settings in Windows 10, you can right click on the sound icon located at the bottom right corner (notification area in Windows Operating System) and click on “Open Sound.”
  •  A window will open, go to “Recording“.
  • Double click on your microphone, A window with four tabs will open, go to “Levels.” 
  • By default, the microphone level will be 50%. You can adjust it according to your need. And then click on Apply.
  • Call someone to try if it has improved, and if you are still not satisfied, then you can go back to the level tab and adjust the Microphone Boost. It will help you increase the Microphone Sensitivity up to +30 dB.

Step2: Troubleshoot Windows 10 Audio

You can also fix the microphone sensitivity problem by running the troubleshooter under the microphone setting section, follow the steps below to troubleshoot microphone in Windows 10 :-

  • Right click on the sound icon on the right corner of Windows 10 taskbar.
  • Click on “Open Sound settings” or you can clink on “Troubleshoot sound problems” to launch the Audio Troubleshooter, however I suggest to run troubleshooter under the microphone tab in windows 10 sound settings.
  • Scroll down sound settings and navigate to “Microphone” tab and clink on “Troubleshoot“.
  • Now follow the instructions, if there is any issue troubleshooter will find it and try to solve it.

And If still it’s not fixed, then you might have a problem with your microphone driver, and I am going to tell you how to fix mic driver related issues in my next step.

Step3: Check for Driver related Issues

Even after following the steps above, the problem continues, then it is the driver’s issue. It would be best if you had all the updated hardware drivers so that the older version should not be responsible for any problems with your computer.
You can also go for a manual update if you doubt specific issues due to the older versions.
The traits are cracking of voice, low volume, or no sound at all. To operate with this issue, follow the given steps-

  • Make sure that the microphone drivers are updated.
  • In the search box present I the taskbar, type “device manager.”
  • Build up sound video and game controllers. right-click on the microphone device, select “update driver” option.
  • If you are not able to find your mic then you can click on other devices and do the same with it.
  • Select “search automatically for updated driver software” after ensuring that you are connected to the internet. This option will automatically find the latest driver and install it.
  • If it did not find the latest driver, Surf the internet to get the latest version for your microphone drivers and install the latest one just like you know How to Find & Install Motherboard Drivers from the Internet incase you don’t have driver’s CD.
  • Restart your computer.
  • You may also download it from manufacturers’ websites.
[wp-svg-icons icon=”notebook” wrap=”b”] Important Note:
  • Always buy a high-quality microphone or headset having noise-canceling features and provides crystal clear sound.
  • Use an air filter or pop filter for your microphone setup.
  • Always ensure that your microphone is properly connected to your computer or if it’s a battery mic make sure it’s fully charged.

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The above is the guide to fixing the microphone sensitivity or how to change the microphone sensitivity and if you have followed all the steps correctly, Congratulation! You have successfully fixed the microphone sensitivity, and now you can attend your meetings, classes or talk to your near and dear ones without any problem. Now they can hear you clearly, and you can listen to them clearly without any issue.
I hope I was able to solve your problem.
Thank you so much for reading it. Any kind of suggestions and problems are most welcomed. We are here to help you. 🙂


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