Best Billing and Invoicing Apps for Android Users

Businesses these days need modern invoicing solutions to bill their clients and customers for the services or products they provide to them. 

Gone are the days when pen and paper were enough for billing purposes. Clients who make a purchase from businesses assess them while keeping various aspects in mind, and professionalism is one of them. One way to showcase the professionalism of a brand is by using digital invoicing solutions.

Invoices help keep track of incoming payments and are handy while a business runs internal audits. 

Hence, generating invoices for purchases made by clients is necessary. While digital invoicing solutions have become a modern-day requirement, you don’t need to be on your desktop for this purpose. 

Many smart invoicing apps can help you generate invoices using smartphones.

This writing will discuss several highly efficient invoice maker apps for Android smartphones. If you want to use a smart invoicing app that lets you perform billing operations while using your Android smartphone, this article will greatly help you. 

Further details are given below:

Invoice Maker and Generator App

This app has made creating invoices & estimates quick and hassle-free with its user-friendly interface. People in various fields can use it easily without encountering problems and generating invoices. The best thing about this app is it is free to use. 

This free invoice maker is a perfect fit for small businesses with limited resources. It lets you add a wide variety of details to your invoice to make it easier for business owners, staff, and customers to identify the bill at a mere glance.

It offers various invoice template options to ensure users choose the perfect invoice layout and design for their business. Moreover, this invoice generator lets businesses add their logos to invoices they share with their customer to showcase professionalism. 

Furthermore, it will automatically create invoicing sections, add GST, and make calculations on its own. Hence, eliminating all the intricacies, users face while generating invoices and making the process super easy. 

Moreover, you will get the option of clearing the paid invoices and tracking down the pending payments.  


Wave is no ordinary app; it is a one-stop shop for small businesses with every feature they require. You can take it as a money management software solution for small businesses that offer a variety of features on the dashboard, such as a task list, profit and loss statements, and invoicing metrics. 

However, this app is included in our list because it can also work as an invoice maker for business owners. It allows you for mobile invoicing and provides you with various unique features that can be handy.

Wave can generate customized invoices according to the preferences specified by the business owners. For example, users will get many invoice templates. 

Moreover, they can also add their business logo to create a solid impression of their brand. It also records invoices and tells users about their current status, such as paid, sent, due, or overdue. It also helps users by allowing them to send payment receipts and reminders on the go. Its invoice-generating feature ensures easy-to-read invoices quickly.

Zoho Invoice

This invoice maker app gets appreciation for the flexibility and customizability it offers to its users. It can be a perfect fit for businesses of all types and categories. It makes the creation and tracking of invoices equally easier. It can perfectly help business owners ensure a smooth cash flow without getting into hassles. It creates estimates, invoices, and credit notes without requiring any additional effort from the users. They can manage expenses, track times of payments, send receipts, and view detailed reports from their smartphones without any issues.

Zoho Invoice maker app is powered by cloud computing. Hence, business owners and their staff can manage expenses, collaborate on projects, and generate receipts. 

In addition, you will get a wide variety of templates for invoices, including ones that are designed according to various events. Hence, business owners can create a lasting impression of their brand using this invoice generator app to generate invoices and estimates. 

Street Invoices

Another handy invoice maker app for Android smartphones is Street Invoices. It can help business owners and their staff send invoices and estimates to their customers quickly without any hassle. 

This app can generate estimates for customers and then convert them into invoices. It allows incredible customization of invoices to ensure business owners get the proper layout and appearance of receipts and invoices they want to send to their clients. It also allows customization of invoice fields and includes invoicing terms like 14 days and 30 days as per requirements. The application of discounts or promotions happens automatically through this app.

Putting it Together

It can be difficult for business owners to manage their cash flow if they still rely on manual billing. Moving towards digital invoicing solutions has become easier than ever. 

We have included details about a few highly efficient invoicing apps that are perfect for Android users. 

Hopefully, you will like the information and choose the right app for your billing process while keeping it in mind.


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