Windows 11 can be installed on your HP Laptop in many ways, but Bootable USB drives are the best way to install Windows 11 instead of CD or DVD. Windows 11 is now available and making a significant impact right now. The update has a complete visual overhaul in comparison to Windows 10. It also includes many useful features that will increase productivity.

The instructions below will guide you through how to install Windows 11 from USB on a HP Laptop.

There are many ways to install Windows 11 on HP Laptops, but the bootable USB Flash Drive method is the best way to do that because nobody uses a DVD drive.

Before starting the process, first, check you have the required stuff to install Windows 11 on the HP Laptop.

  • A USB stick of at least 8GB storage.
  • A working laptop or computer with internet to create a bootable USB flash drive.

Windows 11 Requirements

You Laptop must meet these requirement to install Windows 11.

  • Processor:- 1 GHz or faster with 2 or more cores compatible with 64-bit or system Chip (SoC).
  • RAM:- At least 4 GB or more.
  • Storage:- At least 64 GB or larger.
  • System firmware:- UEFI, Secure Boot capable.
  • TPM:- Version 2.0.
  • Graphics card:- Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver.
  • Display:- 720p display and larger than 9 inches.
  • Internet:-Windows 11 setup might ask for internet connection and Microsoft account.

If your Laptop does not meet the minimum system requirement, then you should follow our step-by-step guide on how to bypass Windows 11 requirements.

Do I need to backup my data?

You can wipe your computer clean by doing a clean install. Make sure you back up all local data. It includes passwords, documents, and photos you want to keep. A clean installation does not allow for rollback. If you need this option, create a backup of your entire laptop or computer.

How much does it cost?

Users of Windows 10 can free upgrade to Windows 11. Windows 11 will automatically activate if your system is running a licensed version of Windows 10. It applies to like-for-like installations. Windows 10 Home users will upgrade to Windows 11 Home and Windows 10 Pro will upgrade to Windows 11 Pro free of cost, but if you do not have a product key, you can choose to use any version (Home or Pro) of Windows 11 for a certain period as a trial.

Create a Windows 11 bootable USB drive with Media Creation Tool

Media Creation Tool is the best and easiest way to make Windows 11 bootable USB flash drive. It makes Windows 11 bootable USB directly from it. You can also make Windows 11 bootable USB in a different way, read our step-by-step guide on How to Create a Windows 11 Bootable USB Drive, if you want to cerate a Win 11 Bootable USB using Rufus or CMD.

  • First, attach your USB drive to your HP Laptop and go to Windows 11 Microsoft page.
  • Now, click Download under the Create Windows 11 installation media and save the file.
  • After that, run the MediaCrationToolW11.exe file to launch the tool.
  • Next, hit Accept button on the license term page.
  • It will recommend the Language and Edition best for you. Untick the box “Use the recommended options for this PC” if you wish to change the language.
  • Hit the Next button.
  • Choose the USB flash drive and hit Next.
  • Verify that your USB drive has been listed and click Next. You can click on the Refresh drive list to pick another USB drive if you use more than one Pen drive.
  • It will instantly start to create Windows 11 bootable media. Please wait till it finishes the process.
  • Lastly, click the Finish button.


Now, you are ready to use your Windows 11 bootable flash drive to install Windows 11 on your laptop or computer.

How to Boot HP Laptop from a USB Drive

You must boot the HP laptop from the Bootable Windows 11 USB drive that you created just now in order to install Windows 11.

You can Boot from a USB drive in two ways, using Boot Manager or BIOS Boot order.

Boot HP Laptop from a USB Drive using Boot Manager

This is the easiest way, follow the steps below to boot from USB on a HP laptop using Boot Manager:

  1. Attach a bootable USB flash drive and Start or reboot your Laptop.
  2. When the boot menu appears, press the F9 key to Open Boot Menu, choose the boot device and hit Enter. The Boot Menu key may vary in different HP Laptops.

The HP laptop will now boot from the USB Flash drive and start Windows 11 Setup.

Boot HP Laptop from a USB Drive using Boot Order Settings.

If this method does not work for you, try the next method.

You can also try to boot from a USB drive using BIOS Boot Order Settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Attach a bootable USB flash drive and Start or reboot your Laptop.
  2. Press F10 Key to Open BIOS Setup. The Boot Setup key may vary in different HP Laptops.
  3. Navigate to System Configuration Menu.
  4. Open the Boot Order menu.
  5. Make sure USB Boot is enabled, if not enable it.
  6. Windows 11 is usually installed from a USB using UEFI Boot order. Make sure you have UEFI mode enabled. If it requires you to turn off Legacy Boot mode, disable it.
  7. Now Navigate to the UEFI Boot order and Select USB Hard Drive or USB drive as 1st Boot Device.
  8. Exit from Bios saving the changes, restart your laptop and HP laptop will now boot from the USB drive to install Windows 11.

Install Windows 11 from USB on a HP Laptop

  1. The installation wizard will start automatically once the HP laptop boots from the USB Flash Drive. Select the language, time, and input method you prefer by clicking on the drop-down menu, and hit Next.
  2. Then, click on Install Now.
  3. The prompt to activate Windows is not a warning sign. A Laptop with a licensed Windows 10 version can receive a free upgrade. Enter a product key, if you have otherwise, click on I don’t have a product key.
    Note: You must take a backup of your Windows key if anything goes wrong.
  4. Next, choose the appropriate version of the operating systems you wish to install. Windows 10 Home users will need to choose Windows 11 Home for free upgradation. If you don’t have a product key, then you can choose any version.
  5. After that, tick the check box I accept the Microsoft Software License Terms and hit Next.
  6. Now, you will get two options Upgrade and Custom. For a clean installation, choose 2nd one (Custom: Install Windows only).
  7. Finally, select the drive where you wish to install Windows 11 cleanly and click Next to continue. You can also format your computer completely or delete all existing partitions. However, ensure that any critical data is backed up because there’s no way to return it.
  8. It will start to install Windows 11 and it takes time. Your HP Laptop will restart after it finishes the installation process.

Sometimes, especially if you’ve chosen BIOS Boot Order/Boot priority method to Boot from USB, the computer may get stuck in a Boot Loop where the system attempts to return to the installation process. The system may be reading from the USB flash drive rather than the hard drive on which OS is installed. This problem can be fixed by removing the USB Flash Drive.

How to Configure Windows 11

After restarting, you’ll be presented with a wizard for setting up Windows 11. The configuration process is easy to understand and it will guide you through the entire process, choose settings according to your own wish.

  1. First, set your Country or region.
  2. Next, set your Keyboard layout or input method.
  3. Next step, Window will ask you to add a second keyboard layout. You can add here or skip this step.
  4. Now, connect to your internet to check for updates and a better setup. After setup, it will restart or skip it by clicking on I don’t have internet.
  5. After that, add a name to your device or choose skip for now to skip.
  6. Enter a Username for your device.
  7. You have to create a password for your device and confirm it.
  8. Now, set three security questions and answers and remember your answer for the future.
  9. After that, choose your privacy settings. Scroll down and hit Accept.
  10. It will take a few minutes to save all settings after that, you will be able to use your desktop screen.

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