A computer that doesn’t connect to an internet connection is one of the most frustrating things.

This post will guide you on fixing a Windows 11 computer not connecting to a network.


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Why Can’t I Connect to a Network?

Wireless networks can be complicated because of the many points of failure. It can be hard to determine where there is a problem with the network, from a Wi-Fi switch to a router issue or software conflict, to the Wi-Fi switch.
Misconfigured settings or physical distance from the network source are common reasons Windows doesn’t connect. There are other causes, however:

  • Wi-Fi may turn off.
  • The software has corrupted the connection.
  • The network requires unique authentication.

How Do I Fix Network Connection Problems?

  • Double-check whether it is a Windows 11 problem.
  • Restart your PC. It is a common resolving method for electronic devices.
  • Ensure Wi-Fi is turned on.
  • Verify Ethernet cable is connected to your PC, and the Router or Cable should not be damaged.
  • Re-add the Wi-Fi network.
  • Move nearer to Wi-Fi
  • Select the wireless network manually.
  • Open Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Show available networks. Select your network and click on connect.

Turn off other network tools temporarily: Example

  • Disconnect from the VPN server
  • Disable Airplane Mode
  • Turn off the firewall and pause the antivirus software
  • Toggle off the ‘metered connection’ setting
  • Go to Network & Internet > Properties > Metered connection


Update the network driver. For updates, follow the path:

  • First, open Device Manager > Network adapters
  • After that, right-click and click on update.

  • Now, check for Windows updates. Get there by Settings > Update & Security.
  • After that, use Network troubleshooter. Go there through Settings > Network & Internet> Network troubleshooter.
  • You can also use Network reset on the same page.


There Might Be Nothing You Can Do

  • Several times, the problem of a device not connecting to a Wi-Fi network is part of a larger problem that you cannot fix.
  • Many issues can trace back to your ISP or the network device you use.
  • It is also true if multiple devices are trying to connect. Your router may be outdated or not working properly. You can try updating, upgrading, or resetting the router if this happens.

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