Google Home Vs Amazon Echo: Want to know which one is Best for you? Complete comparison guide that will help you to make decision on selecting suitable Smart Home Speaker Device.

In this present situation, we all think of buying a smart speaker, as it is so much in the trend. While you are thinking of purchasing it, I know you must be confused between the two most popular voice assistants, i.e., Alexa and Google Assistant. It is tough to pick anyone from them. Alexa was brought into the market in 2014 and was later installed to 100 million devices last 2019, while Google Assistant was brought into the market in 2016.

Both the Google Home and the Amazon Echo are mighty smart assistants with many similarities in their functions, but neither one is the right fit for anyone. It can be hard to decide which one will fit best according to your needs.

Google’s Home Speaker serves as an Intelligent VA(Virtual Assistance) and a fantastic music player. It will be a shame if I don’t mention that Google released its spiritual successor in the Nest Audio, which forced the retirement of Google Home Speaker from its own company’s website. But it is still in manufacturing can be bought from many online sources.

The biggest competition of Google Home in Amazon Echo, which is now in it’s fourth generation. Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of both devices can help you make a wise choice for which one to buy and these smart speakers can connect with the Best Home Automation Apps for Smart Home experience.
Which smart speaker is right for you? Don’t worry, I am here to help you. My blog will break down Google Home and Amazon Echo’s functionality, which will help you decide which is the best fit for your place. Just read the whole blog, and all your doubts will be gone.

Aesthetic Appearance

One of the most critical deciding points for the audience is not its functionality, but how it will look when it is installed at home. Above all, if you get a smart assistant installed in every room of your house, you want them to look nice and fit the rest of the decor. On that part, neither of the company has the forefront.
The exterior of Amazon Echo has changed within these years, with the third generation being the recent iteration for many devices. These have a sleek body with a rounded head and fabric covering on the outer part. In the beginning, the model had only three color options, but now it has increased to six with time.

On the other hand, the Google Home has not changed its design since it was launched. It has the same look as Amazon Echo Dot, with a rounded top and covering of fabric around it. The Google Home, the primary assistant for which the system is named, has not changed. The only noteworthy change is in the naming scheme. New devices are called Nest, not Google.
Ultimately, it will be your personal choice to choose which design and model according to looks.


Another important component is how much you wish to spend. The good news is that smart assistants are available at virtually all price points, but they are not all created the same way.
You have to decide what type of assistant you want. Do you wish to get something with more good sound quality, or want to get something with a display? Do you want to get something that little assistance that fits in a room without taking much attention, or are you looking for a balance?

The Amazon Echo Dot and Nest Home Mini are both minima of Rs. 3,670 during the Amazon Echo and Google Home both retail for close to Rs. 7,341. The Nest Home Hub, the smart assistant with the display, goes for Rs. 6,607, so does the Amazon Echo Show 5.
The prices of both the products are so clear and so close that there is no competition here, no clear winner is there.


The part where these assistants set themselves apart from one another is in their functionality. There are many devices of Amazon that are compatible with only Alexa, and the same number of Google devices work only with Google assistant.
These brand limitations extend beyond first-party devices. The good thing is, if any device works with Siri, it will also work with either Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, or both.
Amazon’s Alexa is a robust system with around 100,000 skills, app-like features that users can enable or disable with their own will. These skills allow Alexa to go far beyond her pre-programmed functionality. All of the above, what matters is that anyone can program new Alexa skills to meet a specific need.

On the other hand, Google Assistant does not have any skills that are easy to use. That doesn’t indicate that it is not robust. Google Assistant is quite more capable of doing more things with the help of Google Actions. The Google Actions system is the answer to Alexa Skills, but it isn’t as robust, expansive, or user-friendly as its counterpart.
Google has some more features that are not available in Alexa, mainly in the hardware part.
For example- The Nest Home Hub max has its in-built camera. Due to which your smart display can also work as a security camera.
Google Assistant additionally carries Google Music and Youtube. On the other hand, Amazon Echo supports Amazon Music and Prime Music. Other platforms like Spotify can be played by either one of them.
Alexa is strong on the Software front, while Google Home is healthy on the Hardware front.

Google Home Vs Amazon Echo

Deciding between the two brings us a few simple questions: What other devices do you have? If your smart devices work mostly with Google Home, then that’s the device you have to choose. If they are Amazon-specific, choose Alexa instead.
What functions matter to you the most? If your entire music playlist is on Amazon, then Alexa is the option. If you have more interest in Google Music, then go for Google Home. Alexa’s skills make it more popular, but if you are okay with the custom and necessary skills, then either one will work- the difference in functionality is not, so that it would bring a huge difference.
Which one looks better? If you are leaning towards the aesthetic appeal, then pick the one that you wish to choose.
Lastly, what is your budget? The cost of both devices is so close that it will hardly matter. The miniature, standard, and display versions of both the smart assistant’s platforms are priced in the very same manner. It is only when you reach the high-end of the two that prices vary, and even then, it isn’t by much.

If you wish to have a smart assistant, Amazon Echo and Google home are the best options. Take your time to decide correctly. If you find that even low-end models are outside your budget, then you can either wait for the time when prices go down, or you can wait till a sale or some offer. They come very often and are a great way to try the assistants out for yourself.
So which one do you prefer, Amazon Echo or Google Home? Do let us know in Comment Section. ________________________________________________________________________
Thank you so much for reading. I hope my blog was helpful to you.

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