Until quite recently, flying cars seemed like something from an unattainable future. They were written about in fantasy stories and films were made about them. However, today, some large companies are seriously working on creating flying cars and plan to use them in cities as taxis.

During the lengthy lockdown due to the pandemic, engineers worldwide have been thinking about the developments that they have long wanted to bring to life. Now, they have the opportunity to fulfill their dream. We have to get habituated to the fact that we can already see flying taxis in some countries in this decade.


However, introducing such technology into everyday life is not easy because it requires the preparedness of the city and its infrastructure and the approval of most residents. In addition, it is necessary to clearly understand the goals and objectives of such transport and prove in practice that they are achieved and do not harm the city.

Most likely, most people would like to see such an innovation live because society is still in awe of
science fiction. The most popular films are those where there are elements of another reality or the
distant future. Even short films made by creatives for YouTube get a lot of feedback. Of course,
they are more likely to buy YouTube views because this is an effective way of promotion, but this
only adds to their popularity and people subscribe to them even more actively. Everyone would like
to be in the place of the hero of their favorite movie.

What is the situation with air transport now?

There is already an air transport capable of transporting people over short distances without landing on a long runway, and this is a helicopter. But they are used only by rich people or government officials and this method of transportation is quite dangerous.


If engineers can create safer and more environmentally friendly vehicles, then society will definitely move forward. Most likely, all these cars will be driven by electric motors. At the moment, it is worth talking about environmental friendliness or a high range of movement because it is not yet known how an environmentally friendly engine will work for a long time. But every day, technology is moving forward more and more and batteries are becoming more energy-intensive.

Imagine that soon you will be able to shoot a video of how you get to work in a flying taxi. Most likely, for the first time after the introduction of this technology, many amateur films will be released that will fascinate people. It could be a good chance for people who want to try their hand as an actor or director and collect feedback without having to buy views on YouTube.

Is there any possibility of public air transport


Most likely, at first, such transport will not have the lowest prices and will be equated to a business class taxi. It is because while the technology has not become automatic, it will not be possible to introduce a large number of such cars.
However, as cars are produced and technology improves, the price of transportation will decrease because it will become as affordable as a regular taxi.

How the project differs from other modes of transport?

This project is very promising because there are no restrictions on air travel. An ordinary car can only travel on roads, while a train can only travel on rails, which is even more inconvenient. You can create any path in the airspace, which will be much easier and faster.

Of course, such an idea is very costly because it now needs to be implemented from scratch and spend plenty of money and time developing and planning all aspects. So far, this project is at one of the initial stages because no country in the world has yet presented a clear announcement of how the new mode of transport will be used.


One of the main differences between an air taxi and a regular one is that earlier, the state authorities controlled the airspace. There is a chance that private entrepreneurs will use it to move and transport passengers. Naturally, today it is worth talking only about movements within cities because state aviation is unlikely to allow private drivers to cross the borders of cities and countries.

Air transport is what we should expect in the coming years. Of course, society has questions about how effective it will be, and the state authorities have questions about how to ensure the security of such vehicles in the airspace, especially near state borders. Perhaps soon, we will be able to find out the answers.
Now it’s worth understanding that the engineers of large companies are ready to introduce such cars in the next few years and cities need to prepare for a change in infrastructure.

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